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This program is ideal for coachable life insurance and annuity agents who want to spend less time working while making more money. If you’re experiencing burnout or if you have hit an income ceiling, this may be perfect for you. This is ideal for anyone who is coachable, regardless of your current income level. We have people making seven figures and people who were selling burial insurance when they joined. People do this so they go directly after the biggest of the biggest whales. This can be your whale hobby on the side, and you don’t have to stop what you’re doing right now.

This is a poor fit for people who do not like the idea of buying a franchise and insist on reinventing the wheel. It’s also not a fit for anyone who doesn’t have 1-2 hours per week of focused time to devote to whale hunting for the biggest clients on the planet.


Your new back office will handle the technology for you. All you need to do is follow the proven steps in the training course. 


We will give you what Bill says word-for-word. If you need any help, call Bill’s cell or ask on a mentorship call.


Voicemails work best for whale hunting. Bill will be happy to coach you 1:1 or on a mentorship call if your mindset needs help.


There are around 1.3 million CPAs in the United States. Even if every Managing Director called CPAs full-time, we would never reach them all. There are 1.8 million households in the United States with a net worth between $5 million and $25 million, and 172,000 households with a net worth over $25 million. With that many prospects, why wouldn’t you hunt for whales?

We would like you to have your first whale in the pipeline in your first 30 days.

This was also my concern when I came onboard. I was running a full-time business as a parent of three (now four!) children. I started working with Bill as an internal trainee, and he kept telling me that I could do this as a hobby in my spare time. As of July 2022, I have a commission check on $185,000 target premium about to be paid any day. I spent less than three hours of my time on this case. This is only possible because I turned the prospect over to the back office. I’m currently the President of the company and having the time of my life. By letting my back office handle the details, I’m free to work as an internal without having a compressed schedule. I don’t know any other industry where I can get paid this much on an hourly basis! If you have 1-2 hours per week to take this seriously, you’re on a rocket ship to success. – Ryan Herche

Welcome to white glove service like no other! You’re about to partner with a Founder/CEO who answers his phone when it rings. Immediately after completing the order form, you will see the registration for the online training and you can begin as soon as you’re ready. You will also see a link to Ryan’s calendar so you can have a personal onboarding conversation. Ryan will make sure you have access to everything and that you’re taking the right actions. If you have any technical questions, you can call Ryan Herche’s cell phone at 916-281-5088. You can ask questions in our private Facebook mastermind group and our biweekly mentorship calls.